A Lurking Horror - Deathwatch

Going Native

As the kill-team lands on Aurum they decide that the best way to win the hearts and minds of the Auran people is by confering with the planetary ruler, Caele Rylus Darkscourge. The team’s journey through the city of Haistand to reach the Caele’s residence was mostly unremarkable save for a chance discovery made while traveling through the city’s bazaar. A local merchant, desperate to obtain some of the team’s “shinies” attempts to trade his most prized possession, a knife with a blade made from a claw that the kill-team discovers is of Tyranid origin! After a round of “aggressive negotiations”, the kill-team trades a single bolt round in exchange for the knife and information on who had sold it to the merchant. Unfortunately, the seller was a wandering merchant who came and went as he pleased and as he was not currently in town the kill-team left the deliriously happy merchant behind for the Caele’s residence.

Upon reaching the Caele’s residence, the kill-team was immediately granted an audience. The sympathetic Caele regretfully told the team that their intention to have an unobstructed investigation into the death of a Sister Hospitaller would never happen, as Imperials were considered by the local populace to be inferior and thus restricted to staying within the city limits. He had an idea to get around that however. If the kill-team could complete the most honored of the trials of the Aurans, the Divested Hunt, they would be allowed to go as they pleased. The Divested Hunt required that the Kill-Team hunt down the planet’s most fearsome predator, the Diablodon, and kill it using only local weapons and forgoing the use of their power armor and their own weapons. Reluctantly, the kill-team agreed to undergo the trial.

After leaving their armor and weapons secure in the local Imperial Guard garrison’s armory under the watchful eye of Brigadier General Archibald Heth (and in the case of the Devastator Marine’s Heavy Bolter ensuring that his oath was still followed even if it was out of his hands), the kill-team picked their weapons and set out to hunt down a Diablodon in the Reaving Canyons. Apart from disturbing a Theratryx nesting site where the team’s Librarian single-handedly used his psychic powers to turn them all into Librarian Fried Theratryx the hunt for the Diablodon was uneventful. The team managed to track down and confront a Diablodon in its own lair. The fighting was ferocious as the kill-team quickly discovered most of their weapons were no match for the Diablodon’s hide. Even with such a disadvantage, the kill-team used their skills and their unique super-soldier abilities to kill the mighty beast. High points of the fight included the blinding of the beast by an expert spit from the Dark Angel Apothecary’s Betcher Glands and the demonstration by the Ultramarine Devastator that any ranged weapon is deadly in his hands by making a pinpoint shot to hit the ravaging beast in the eye with a bow and arrow causing massive brain damage. After severing the beasts head the kill-team now heads back to Haistand to present the Aurans with proof of their victory


I made a small change. My Dark Angel is not a Tactical Marine but is instead an Apothecary. The Apothecary spit and blinded the Diablodon. :)

Going Native

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