Brother Leonidas


Chapter: Dark Angels
Specialty: Apothecary
Past Event: Encountered The Fallen
Rank: 1
Chapter Demeanor: Sons of The Lion
Personal Demeanor: Calculating
Power Armor History: A Fury Like Lightning (+5 Agility, +1 Initiative)

WS: 44
BS: 48
S: 47 (8) / 67 (10) in Power Armor
T: 44 (8)
Ag: 46 (51 in Power Armor)
Int: 55
Per: 36
Wil: 43
Fel: 41

Basic Skills:

Trained Skills:
Awareness(Per),Chem-Use(Int),Ciphers-Chapter Runes(Int),Climb(S),Common Lore – Astartes, Deathwatch, Imperium, War(Int), Concealment(Ag),Drive-Ground Vehicles(Ag),Forbidden Lore-Xenos(Int),Forbidden Lore-Traitor Legions(Int),Interrogation(Wil),Literacy(Int),Medicae(Int),Navigation-Surface(Int),Scholastic Lore-Codex Astartes(Int),Silent Move(Ag),Speak Language-High & Low Gothic(Int),Tactics(Int),Tech Use(Int),Tracking(Int)

Specialty Special Ability
Create Toxins: With a tissue sample and an hour the Apothecary can create a toxin for the target creature type. Once applied in the next combat all attacks have the Toxic quality for a number of rounds equal to the Apothecary’s Intelligence Bonus (5). Must be in squad mode to use the ability.
Bonus to Medicae with Narthecium and Diagnostor Helmet is +30. Narthecium doubles the amount healed with First Aid and raises Lightly Damaged threshold to Toughness Bonus x3.

Solo Mode Ability
Stoic Defense: Once per combat gain 6 Temporary wounds, reduce movement by 1/2 Agility Bonus.
Burst of Speed: Increase Agility bonus by 2 and recalculate speed. Lasts one round per rank.
Feat of Strength: Unnatural Strength becomes x3 for one round per rank.

Total: 23
Critical Damage:

Current Points:

Battle Fatigue:
Primarch’s Curse:

Half: 4 Full: 8 Charge: 12 Run: 24
In Armor
Half: 5 Full: 10 Charge: 15 Run: 20

Fate Points
Total: 3 Current:

Corruption Points:

Head: 8 Body: 10 Arms: 8 Legs: 8

Ambidextrous, Astartes Weapon Training, Autosanguine, Bulging Biceps, Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight), Killing Strike, Nerves of Steel, Quick Draw, Resistance (Psychic Powers), True Grit,
Unarmed Master, Unnatural Strength (x2), Unnatural Toughness (x2)

Astartes power armour, Astartes bolt pistol, 3 Astartes frag grenades, 3 Astartes
krak grenades, Astartes combat knife, repair cement, Astartes bolter with fire selector, reductor, narthecium, chainsword, diagnostor helmet, Seeker’s Robe (+3 to Scrutiny Tests).

Chainsword: 1d10+13 R Tearing,Balanced Pen: 4
Bolt Pistol: 2d10+5 X Tearing Pen: 5 ROF: S/3/-
Bolter: 2d10+5 X Tearing Pen: 5 ROF: S/2/4
Frag Grenades: 2d10 X Pen: 0 Blast(5)
Krak Grenades: 3d10+4 X Pen: 6
Combat Knife: 1d10+12 R Pen: 2
Reductor: 1d10+2 R Pen: 10

XP Spent: 2500
XP Available: 0
Total XP:

Stat Advances Bought: Weapon Skill (Simple)

Sm abilities

Armor abilities


Brother Leonidas has served with distinction for over a century with the Dark Angels in stemming the tide of the Chaos legions which surge from the Eye of Terror with increasing frequency. It was in his last action with the Chapter as a whole that brought him to the attention of the Inner Circle and resulted in his selection to be sent to the Jericho Reach to serve among the Deathwatch.
During that conflict Leonidas was attached to the Command Squad of the 5th Company as the Captain’s personal Apothecary. The 5th was sent into a flanking maneuver at the traitor HQ. The main strike force had hit from the opposite direction and had drawn the attention of the main body of the traitor force. The 5th was assigned to go into the HQ, gather what intelligence it could, and rig the whole place with explosives to be detonated should the traitors return to their fortifications. The operation went as planned and eventually the Command Squad found themselves in the traitor’s Command & Control center. However, an ambush was waiting for them there. The Company Champion rushed forward with power sword drawn but was put down by a sinister traitor wearing black armor and a white robe in mockery of the Dark Angels veterans. The traitor leveled a plasma pistol and bolt pistol at the champion and put two shots through his helmet with uncanny precision. Immediately vox commands came streaming in that the 5th was to withdraw, prevent the enemy from escaping, and await reinforcement from the 1st and 2nd companies. The Company captain unleashed a barrage from his bolter until he too was disposed of, this time by a Chaos sorcerer. The sorcerer then began to weave his blasphemous magic to open a portal for his black armored and robed master. Leonidas rushed forward to attempt to keep the traitor from leaving. Through the magical portal he saw what appeared to be the deck of a ship and through the viewport a strange sort of huge xeno half circle, suspended in space. From nowhere a traitor wearing Terminator armor backhanded Leonidas, sending him sliding across the floor. Upon closer look his assailant was wearing Terminator armor of a design that predated the Horus Heresy. With lightning claws unsheathed the enemy Terminator stalked forward to deliver the killing blow to Leonidas. Energy wreathed blades were driven through the Mark 7 armor and pinned Leonidas to the deck. The Terminator clawed away Leonidas’ helmet so that he could watch as Leonidas died. With desperation, Leonidas plunged the Reductor into the enemy terminator… the drills quickly boring a hole through the armor. Needles then sprung into the enemy marine and pumped him full of Deadlock, paralyzing him. Leonidas was able to push the enemy terminator off of him and the last thing he knew before succumbing to unconsciousness was the smell of ozone as the first of the Deathwing Terminators teleported into the HQ.
Upon awaking Leonidas discovered that he had only been saved by having a nanotech autosanguine device introduced into his system. It had been done because the intelligence of what he had seen was judged too valuable to allow his death. The debriefing was handled by Chapter Master Azrael and Chief Librarian Ezekiel themselves. They only asked questions… never giving any hint to the significance of the answers. They were particularly inquisitive about the strange half circle in space. Chapter Master Azrael then informed Leonidas that he would be reassigned from the 5th Company to represent the Dark Angels in the Deathwatch… specifically at Watch Fortress Erioch within the Jericho Reach. He was informed that the Xeno half circle was in fact a warp gate in the Jericho Reach. His mission would be to serve the Deathwatch but his additional agenda would be to use the resources of the Deathwatch to look for the traitors that had escaped. Should they be located he would not attempt to engage them directly. If the Deathwatch were to learn of their presence he is also to attempt to prevent their involvement by any means short of revealing his purpose. Instead, he was informed that a Dark Angel cruiser and escort group would be stationed in the Jericho Reach and he would contact them with a special cipher and give them details on the Traitor’s position. In addition, his position as Apothecary would allow him to run bio-scans of all of the Watch Fortress’s assigned marines and look for signs that the Traitors may have infiltrated the Deathwatch. Any anomalies would also be reported to the Dark Angel battle group who would determine what, if any, action would be taken.
Behind the scenes Azrael and Ezekiel are considering admitting Leonidas into the Ravenwing or perhaps even the Deathwing. He has seen enough and the nature of his mission is such that it would be easier to perform if he were allowed more information on who it is that he hunts. They are currently withholding judgement given the close proximity of Astartes from other Chapters that Leonidas will be working with. As a safety mechanism he simply can’t be pressed for information that he doesn’t have.

Brother Leonidas

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