Marcus Ventris

Tyrannic War Veteran, Tactcal Marine


WS: 59 BS: 59 S: 50 T: 50 Ag: 48 Int: 48 Per: 49 WP: 48 Fel: 49

Talents & Traits:
Astartes Weapon Training
Bulging Biceps
Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight)
Killing Strike
Nerves of Steel
Quick Draw
Resistance (Psychic Powers)
True Grit
Unarmed Master
Unnatural Strength (x2)
Unnatural Toughness (x2)
Bolter Mastery
Hatred (Tyrainids)
Signature Wargear (Plasma Pistol)
Signature Wargear (Bolter)
Rapid Reload
Dark Sight


Bolter (Hesh): Class: Basic Damage: 2D10+5 Type: X PEN: 5
Range: 50m ROF: S/2/4 CLIP: 28 RLD: haft
Special Rules: Tearing, Accurate, Reliable
Add Onus: Motion Predictor, Preysense Sight, and Best Craftsmanship.

Bolt Pistol: Class: Pistol Damage: 2D10+5 Type: X PEN: 5

Range: 30m ROF: S/3/- CLIP: 14 RLD: haft
Special Rules: Tearing

Plasma Pistol: Class: Pistol Damage: 1D10+8 Type: E PEN: 8
Range: 30m ROF: S/2/- CLIP: 12 RLD: haft
Special Rules: Volatile

Chainsword: Class: Melee Damage:1D10+3 Type: R PEN: 4
Range: N/A ROF: N/A CLIP: N/A RLD: N/A
Special Rules: Balanced, Tearing

3 Frag Grenades
3 Krak Grenades
Combat Knife
Repair Cement
Bionic Eye
Hellfire Rounds

AC: 11
HP: 23

Movement: Haft: 4 Full: 8 Charge: 12 Run: 24

Fate Points: 5


Marcus Ventris

Marcus was born on Calth in one of it massive underground cities. All though a lot is know of this world little is know of Marcus childhood and he reamers very little of it.
After make is way in to the rank of the Ultramarines 10th company he quickly prove his remarkable marksmen skills with a Bolter and Bolt pistol. Although he leaned under the hand of is squad leader Sergeant Telion that even though skills are need to become an Ultramarine in one of the Battle company’s so is hand to hand combat skills and swordsmen skills and under his hand became master of these skills as well. On the completion of his training he was promoted to full line Astartes in a Tactical Squad with the 4th Battle Company.
Shortly after that the hive fleet Behemouth landed on Macragge that 4th company as well as most of the chapter was call back and daring this battle a detachment of the 4th and 7th company was send to guard a temple that held many of the chapter relics. Marcus squad was part of this detachment and deposit he Sergeant best leader ship his squad was over ran by the endless waves of Tyrannies. When the battle was over he was found with the rest of his squad brandy under a pile of dead Tyrannies after the Apothecary look over his squad they found that his was the only one sill alive but barley with his helmet cut open and a scything talon sill in his chest. Which he later turn into a combat knife that he sill carry to day.
The Forgoil system is where Marcus first face the green skins. The 4th company was part of Chapter Master Calgar to fortify the PDF planetary defense system. On the 3rd day of fighting the Waaagh Gustshredda Marcus was part of a Devastator Squad. They soon found them self fighting wavy after wavy of green skins sine the PDF was all but kill by the Green Skins Marcus end up have to hold a beach in the wall with a heavy bolter and two other Ultramarines one armed with a bolter the other a 2nd Heavy Bolter. Wich they held for the 4th day by them self’s. on the 5th day they where found by the reinforcements with all three of them sill alive and the beach fill with dead green skins.
The Battle of The Sepulchre at this point Marcus was back in a Tactical Squad with the 4th company. Quoting to Calgar battle plan Marcus and his new Tactical squad where part of a three squad mobile strike forces. Marcus was honor with the marksman’s honour sine every Elder that found it self it the shies of Marcus’s bolter was quickly found a bolter round pushing though him. After the first few hours he found one of his bother dead that had a plasma gun and pick up the plasma gun which made it where now not even the grav-tanks where safe from his keen marksmen ship. When the battle ended and Calgar stated that the Galaxian Sceptre was to be send to Macragge Marcus and his squad for their action in the battle where give the honor to squat the relic.
Morix prime this battle was and action where the 4th company eliminated a Tau listening post. To Marcus this almost did not seem it rated a Ultramarine battle company sine him and his squad meat nothing but victory after victory in this campaign. How ever this was the first time Marcus was able to show that he was more then an excellent marksmen but that he is gust as skill in swordsmen ship as well.
On the world of Barathred Marcus found him self fighting side by side with his Captain Idaeus and Chapter master Calgar with most of the 4th company when the Chapter Master Calgar vessel is ambushed and crippled by the Night Lords and they where force to make planet fall. on Barathred the Ultramarine found them self out number by the Night Lords Calgar having no other choose rallies the planet’s feudal population to help defeat them. Be for the Night Lord where finally batten back when securing bridge two-four that lead into the main city. Calgar orders where that the Night Lord where not to be aloud into the city over bridge two-four. Sine that would mean the end of not only the Ultramarines but the population as well. Near the end of the fighting the Night Lords started to over run the bridge despite the number they lost in acting it. Finally Captain Idaeus order to blow the bridge. When the expulse did not go off sine the denature where damage in the fighting. Captain Idaeus ran out to set them off him self with his command squad running out to cover him. In see the 4th company, Company Banner moving forward Marcus’s Sergeant order his squad to push up as well. In doing this his Sergeant touch a hit from a plasma cannon that kill him and two other from his squad. Marcus then lead what was left of his squad to his Captains aid. He got his squad into position rite before Captain Idaeus blow the Bridge. He saw that as the standard barer was moving back that he was starting to get hit time and time agene. Marcus start to run to him as he saw him starting to fall. he got to the standard and garb it gust before it hit the gown. He then pick up a plasma gun and defend the standard till the end of the battle kill every Night Lord that came in rang of his plasma gun. For doing this he was honor with the Imperial Laurel.
After the fighting on Barathred Marcus was made Sergeant and was give command of is own Tactical squad. At what time the 4th company was send back to Morix Prime to mean tan order. Wile their they uncover a Tau conspiracy to turn the government over to the god of the greater good and a way from the light of the imperial truth. When the Ultramarine uncover this the Tau start a full scale invasion to tack the planet by force. The PDF offer little help to the Ultramarine sine most of their government and military leader where kill or captor in the opening hours of the fighting and because of this the Tau where able to gain a beach head very fast. At this point Captain Uriel Ventris know he had to stop the Tau now before it was to later to win this war. So to do this he send out many of his Tactical Squads out with the PDF to dig in and stop them Marcus squad was one of them and wile doing this as well as evacuating the civilian population he saw that they would not finish in time be for the Tau got to them. At which time he order the Captain to have his men get out as many people as possible back to safety and told him that he and his squad would slow down the Tau and cove their rear as long as possible. Then breaking his squad down to five two man team he set them in so that they could tack out as many Tau as they could before they would be killed. Marcus and his squad held their gown for two hour before he and the last two members of squad use a Rhino to move back to the main battle line of the Ultramarines know that the amount of Tau and number of Tanks that was making it pass them after they ran out of missiles that his Captain would need every one he could get to stop the Tau at this point and if they made their last stand here he would have done nothing but wasted the lives of his squad. After Captain Uriel lead the 4th company to victory he discover that Marcus and his Squad had kill over 600 Tau and destroy over 10 Tau tanks. Upon learning this he made the to Astartes from his squad Sergeant and recommended that Marcus be made part of the 1st company.
Upon the recommendation to the 1st company Marcus was interview by Chapter Master Calgar who found him worthy of the honor. Then by Chief Librarian Tigurius who found Marcus to not only free of corruption but true of spirit. Then by Chaplain Cassius that even though that he found that Marcus has always honor the Codex that his haterd for the Xnoes for the lost of so many of his battle brothers and his lack of experis with working with other Chapters. He found that these two thing wound weekin an of the 1st company squads he may be put with and their for weekin the 1st company as a hole. Although he did state that Chaplain Alyxander was asking for some one to come over to the Deathwatch to help with their newest campaine and told him that he was going to send him to the Deathwatch and that if he honor him self and the Chapter with the Deathwatch then he would be made part of the 1st company…

Marcus Ventris

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